Professional Code of Ethics – the Glass Half Filled

Image result for football ticketsDo you belong to a professional organization? Does your organization have a code of ethics?  When is the last time that you or your organization reviewed the code of ethics to make sure that it is up-to-date and enforceable?  More importantly, how does your organization promote ethical awareness and compliance, both inside and outside the organization. Continue reading

Understanding the Term CONFLICT OF INTEREST

In almost every walk of life you will encounter the term, “Conflict of Interest” (COI).  It is an ethical term that is often used to destroy a person’s credibility, or to weaken their position in matters of professional opinion.  One of the most interpretive questions relating to a COI is the question of impartiality.  Can a person act with impartiality where an apparent conflict of interest exists?  The reason this question is so interpretive is because of the many and different ways in which it can be answered. Continue reading